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Marriage Preparation Q & A

Commonly asked Precana questions

Available on rcda.org

Additional Resources


A great offering from the United States Bishops of encouraging and practical information for parents


A wonderful resource for Catholic Family Life

What Catholics Believe about Mary

A simple overview of Catholic beliefs on who Mary is to us and her importance to our tradition.

'What to Say and Do When Teens Don’t Believe in God' - RoyPetitfils.com

A great article to help parents when their teen says “they don’t believe in God.”

'The Corporal Works of Mommy (and Daddy)! –Living the Year of Mercy at Home.' - Patheos.com

A great encouragement for families on how to live in the year of mercy.

Mass as a family, chosen for us, not by us

This article from National Catholic Reporter is wonderful look at the grace of faith community.