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Online opportunities for further Leadership enrichment

University of Notre Dame’s STEP program

(Satellite Theological Education Program)

United States Conference of Catholic Bishops - Diocesan Educational/Catechetical Leaders Institute

Jointly sponsored by the USCCB, the National Conference of Catechetical Leadership (NCCL) and the National Catholic Education Association (NCEA), this is a series of free webinars in a variety of categories for diocesan, school and parish leaders, which can supplement the local diocese’s certification plan for leaders.

National Leadership Organizations – for networking, resources, events and ministry advocacy

What is certification for Lay Ecclesial Ministry?

This video explains the process and value of common competency standards for the certification of lay ecclesial ministers. The National Standards are a collaborative effort of 5 national organizations: NFCYM, NALM, NCCL, FDLC, NPM.

Assuming Positive Intent

Nice blogpost from Edutopia.org on a strategy to diffuse a conflict.

Evangelizing Catechesis

A series of twelve articles exploring the central themes from the General Directory for Catechesis, first written in 200 and re-visited with contemporary reflections on the original themes in 2015.

Six Tasks of Catechesis as a Unified Whole

The National Directory for Catechesis states “All these tasks are necessary in order to attain the full development of the Christian faith”. The NDC makes it clear that these are all related dimensions of the way we should be catechizing. How do we ensure that all these six interrelated tasks are woven in religious education sessions? This webinar will give background and some helpful tips to understand and implement the six tasks as a unified whole. Practical ideas will be shared that are ready for implementation in your catechetical setting.