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Catholic Social Teaching 101 (via YouTube)

CST 101 is a collaborative video series presented by the US Conference of Catholic Bishops and Catholic Relief Services on Catholic Social Teaching.

CST 101: Life and Dignity of the Human Person

Learn from Bishop Robert Barron, Jonathan Reyes, and Helen Alvaré as they discuss the dignity of the human person and our right to life.

CST 101: Care for God's Creation

Hear from Father James Martin, SJ, Dr. Carolyn Woo, and Cardinal Peter Turkson as they discuss Care for God’s Creation.

CST 101: Option for the Poor and Vulnerable

Learn from Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle, Fr. James Martin, SJ, Kerry Weber, and Thomas Awiapo as they discuss the Preferential Option for the Poor and Vulnerable.

CST 101: Call to Family, Community & Participation

Learn from Lisa Hendey, Msgr. Ray East, and Jonathan Reyes as they discuss the call to family, community, and participation.

Faithful Citizenship: A Matter of Conscience (US Conference of Catholic Bishops via YouTube)

Watch this brief video to learn how Catholic values can shape your conscience and help you make sound public choices.

Faithful Citizenship 101: Overview Presentation on Forming Consciences for Faithful Citizenship (US Conference of Catholic Bishops via YouTube)

This 32-minute video overviews the bishops’ “Faithful Citizenship” statement, including optional discussion questions for groups. (For more information on Forming Consciences for Faithful Citizenship, go to: http://www.usccb.org/issues-and-action/faithful-citizenship/index.cfm.)

The Right to Religious Freedom (US Coference of Catholic Bishops via YouTube)

Find out more about what the Catholic Church teaches on religious freedom, including the groundbreaking Declaration on Religious Freedom (Dignitatis Humanae) from the Second Vatican Council


Faith Formation in Christian Practices - LifeLongFaith.com

Living Well: Christian Practices for Everyday Life

Children Catholic Online Resources - Albany Catholic Digital Library


Blest are They - The Beatitudes (YouTube)

A reflection, originally done in PowerPoint, on the Beatitudes that is suitable for grade school children.

Laudato Si: an intoduction for elementary school children (Catholic Relief Service via YouTube)

This video from CRS provides a quick summary of Pope Francis’ letter Laudato Si for elementary aged students. Pope Francis speaks openly about the devastating damage that has been done to the planet and how it most hurts the poor and vulnerable around the world.


Laudato Si: an Overview for HS Students (CRS via YouTube)

This video from CRS provides a quick summary of Pope Francis’ letter Laudato Si for high school aged students. The encyclical Laudato Si is addressed to every person on this planet and asks all of us to protect our common home, the earth.

The VIDEO CATECHISM (VCat) Morality Videos (via YouTube)

The Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston has produced a series of videos as part of its Video Catechism for Teens (VCat). The videos present the richness and beauty of our Catholic faith in new and relevant ways by using cultural analogies, creativity, and humor; focusing on God’s love; and by paraphrasing or rewording the language of the Catechism of the Catholic Church to make it more understandable to this generation of teens. The www.vcat.org website includes both the links to the videos (available on Youtube) and discussion guides for catechetical leaders, youth ministers and teachers.


Children play on a playground and we see a glimpse of how boundaries make us free.


Fr. Joseph Espaillat explores the pitfalls of relativism and why we are made for better than the “I’m okay/you’re okay” mentality that is plaguing humanity.

Dignity Matters

Meet Manny, a young man who’s taking a few hits to his dignity from people who aren’t weighing the impact of their words.

The Do-Over

Jake keeps messing up, except he doesn’t see it that way—at least not at first. Thanks to a little outside help, that’s about to change.

No Other gods

A handful of teens are in a chapel. They are praying, worshipping, adoring. See what’s moving them in such a powerful way.

Love God, Love Each Other

This original song written by Bob Rice and performed by Righteous B, Taylor Tripodi and Born, drives home Christ’s admonition to love with no exceptions.

The Beatitudes

We all want to be happy. The question is, “How do we make that happen?” Explore a nonconventional path to true happiness.


Follow three people who struggle with being content and come to resolution through the realization of their inherent worth and God-given blessings

Telling the Truth

Writer/Director Andrew Hyatt shares his journey from living a lie to living the truth.

Stealing Time

We always ask for more hours in a day, but what if the hours we’ve been given aren’t enough because they’ve been stolen? And what if we’re the ones doing the stealing? Explore the possibility that we can take back time by doing one simple, but difficult thing.

Word of Mouth

Two girls are living on opposite ends of the social spectrum. One seems to have it all and one is reminded every day that she doesn’t. Then something happens that closes the gap between them.

"Judgmental Moose" Series

In this series of seven short films from VCat, Richard encounters a moose that has something to say about the choices he’s making.

Articles & PowerPoints from St. Mary's Press

Principles of Catholic Social Teaching

A reading on the principles of Catholic social teaching.


A PowerPoint presentation on Grace.

The Fourth Commandment

An excerpt from Pope St. John Paul II’s letter to families in 1994, the Year of the Family, dealing with the fourth commandment.

God's Plan

A PowerPoint presentation on “God’s Plan” from “Christian Morality, Our Response to God’s Love.”

Premarital Sex

An article on premarital sex, from “Christian Morality: Our Response to God’s Love.”


An article on chastity, from “Christian Morality: Our Response to God’s Love.”

Reproductive Technology

This article presents a general overview of the Church’s teachings on reproductive technology, and then considers the ethical ramifications of some of the most common forms of reproductive technology available today.

Euthanasia and Physician Assisted Suicide

An article on euthanasia and physician assisted suicide, from “Christian Morality: Our Response to God’s Love.”


An article on virtues, from “Christian Morality: Our Response to God’s Love.”


An article on virtues, from “Christian Morality: Our Response to God’s Love.”

The Strengths of Catholic Social Teaching

A document highlighting the strengths of Catholic Social Teaching, from “Christian Morality: Our Response to God’s Love.”

Poverty & Wealth

An excerpt on poverty and wealth from “Christian Morality: Our Response to God’s Love.”

Where does the Church Say?

This handout is part of the Living in Christ Series. It is a good resource for identifying the differences between various Church documents.

Everyday Works of Mercy

Are you more Christian than you give yourself credit for being? My belief is that there are many like that–that many dedicated Christian people have compartmentalized their lives and have excluded important and central areas of their lives.

The Death Penalty and teh Catholic Conscience

Some proponents say the death penalty is biblical: “an eye for an eye.” This moral theologian shows how they are misreading the Bible. If someone murdered your child or closest friend, what punishment would you want for the criminal?

Evil Never Looked So Good

Do you think you’re a victim? Do you avoid making judgments because you’ll hurt someone’s feelings? Do you feel betrayed by your wrinkles or your balding dome? Be careful. You might be cuddling up to heresy.

Pride and Shame (St. Mary's Press via YouTube)

Sometimes the struggle to love God and love our neighbor begins with the struggle to love ourselves. When we don’t recognize our God-given potential it might be because we don’t see ourselves the way God sees us. Pride and shame can blind us to the truth of God’s love.

What is Sin? (C4 via YouTube)

Most Christians believe that every person is a sinner — every one of us. Sure, people do bad things, sometimes. How do we know if those “bad things” are actually sins? Let’s hear more from Bishop Don about sin and how it affects us, every day. From C4: Ignite Your Faith

Decision Making: aka "Life Accumulates" (YouTube)

Live your life! Change your future by changing now. Life accumulates. Catholic Speaker and Vlogger Ken Yasinski of Face to Face Ministries reflects on making positive choices and their accumulative effect on our life.

Evidence (Outside da Box via YouTube)

Jenny is on trial for being a Catholic. The Prosecutor thinks he has a pretty easy case until Jenny’s delinquent Defense Attorney finally shows-up and presents a very compelling argument. Also starring Donna Steele as the Judge, this narrative short film was produced by Outside da Box – Videos for Youth Ministry. If YOU were put on trial for your faith in Christ, what would the evidence show?

Are you a Faithful Citizen? Quiz with Steve Angrisano, Part 1 (USCCB via YouTube)

Are you a faithful citizen? Test yourself by taking this video quiz with Steve Angrisano, songwriter, storyteller, National Catholic Youth Convention (NCYC) emcee. This quiz is from the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops’ Faithful Citizenship Youth Web site at http://www.faithfulcitizenship.org/youth. Don’t forget to take part 2.

Are you a Faithful Citizen? Quiz with Steve Angrisano, Part 2 (USCCB via YouTube)

This is Part 2. Watch Part 1 first (see above). Take the video quiz with Steve Angrisano to find out how well you are doing at being a faithful citizen!

Catholic Social Teaching: Life & Dignity of the Human Person (YouTube)

Reflection on the importance of dignity and respect for all human life and for creation at the heart of Catholic morality and Catholic Social Teaching.


Life in Christ: Renewal of Moral Theology

The moral life is fundamentally the human person’s response moved by attraction to beatitude as revealed in Christ. In this presentation which was part of the USCCB’s online Diocesan Educational/Catechetical Leadership Institute, Msgr. J. Brian Bransfield considers the renewal of moral theology as called for by Vatican II.

CHOOSE: The Call to Moral Living (Sadlier Religion via YouTube)

Learn how catechists promote moral formation in Jesus. Sister Maureen Sullivan, OP explains how our moral formation includes the message of Jesus, the content of faith, and implications for Christian life, and the process of transformation and witness.

Select Presentations from the World Meeting of Families 2015, Philadelphia, PA (YouTube)

Caring for Creation: Pope Francis and Environmental Stewardship - Cardinal Peter Turkson

The ethical/moral import of ecology and economy for the family is undeniable. Human and natural ecology are more linked than we often discuss, as seen in Pope Francis’ encyclical on this topic.

Creating the Future: The Fertility of Christian Love - Professor Helen Alvare

This presentation explores the myriad implications of God’s linking love with new life — not only for the love between a man and a woman, and between parents and children, but also for the meaning of life. It will consider relevant material from human experience, science, Scriptures, and the Magisterium

The Joy of the Gospel of Life - Cardinal Sean Patrick O'Malley, OFM & Pastor Rick Warren

In a world filled with suffering and sadness, our greatest witness is to live a life of daring faith and contagious joy, embodying the Beatitudes of Christ to make a difference. We can do this by embracing the Good News of the Gospel and trusting completely in God’s plan for the family.

Now and at the Hour of Our Death (NYS Catholic Conference via YouTube)

A Catholic guide to the complex challenges of end-of-life decision-making. This video is made possible by a grant from Our Sunday Visitor and is produced for the New York State Catholic Conference by Blackfriars Media, a division of the Dominican Father Province of St. Joseph.

Now and at the Hour of our Death: Catholic Guidance for End-of-Life Decision Making

This website offers Catholics moral clarity and guidance on the Church’s teachings regarding end-of-life decision making. Illness and aging, coupled with rapid advances in medical technology, can lead to heightened anxiety when health care decisions must be made. It provides links to trustworthy resources, guidance, and support from Catholic sources all across the country.

Catechism of the Catholic Church: Life in Christ - Man's Vocation Life Life in the Spirit

English translation on Vatican website of Catechism of the Catholic Church, Part 3, Section 1, Chapters 1-3.

Catechism of the Catholic Church: Life in Christ - The Ten Commandments

English translation on Vatican website of the Catechism of the Catholic Church, Part 3, Section 2, Chapters 1-2.